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Radhus Bagarmossen, Arklab

Modet Houses by Arklab

The twelve row houses sit on the boundary between a nature reserve and a paved street. They act as a link between the two…


bo-bi mask by nendo

A branding project for a high efficiency dust mask that is the first choice for many professionals. In Japan, it is common to wear…


Freeform light by John Procario

This Freeform Luminaire marks the beginning of a new stylistic development based on energetic, undulating gestures. Made from bent timber “Freeform” has been an…


Vicious Mask by Regina Fischer

Pyotr Tchaikovsky‘s Swan Lake ballet theatre and Two Face in batman are very popular examples for the human’s “two faces” theme and represent the…


Frank Food by Futur-2

The goal was to create a warm, modern concept with its own personality, for a restaurant placed in a shopping centre. Starting with communication,…

Accessories combination

Butler washbasin by Flavio Scalzo

A freestanding washbasin “a faithful butler” of the purest form combines ease of use, functionality and poetry, it is not limited to its mere…

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