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KONTEMPO is a Nordic- based platform working to spread knowledge and awareness about contemporary textiles. At a time when the textile industry is pressured…


ORO bench by Piergil Fourquié

L’atelier DREIECK et le designer PIERGIL FOURQUIE sont invités par les D’DAYS dans le cadre du partenariat artisan/designer. Cette co-création permet de lier leurs…


La SHED Architecture Office

Located in what used to be a Plateau-Mont-Royal general store, la Shed preserves the area’s vernacular architecture while adopting a resolutely contemporary appearance that…


Lumen light by Sofia Von Hauske

Inspired by one of New York City’s skyline icons, the water tower, Lumen explores laser cutting technology to create a warm nightlight that can…

The Innovation Clock visualizes the Twitter conversation around innovation through dynamic text and lighting.

Innovation Clock by Eric Gunther

The Innovation Clock transforms Twitter conversations around innovation into dynamic text and architectural lighting. A custom software algorithm monitors trusted Twitter feeds in real…

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