Apoptotic Body #1
Apoptotic Body #2
Apoptotic Body #3
Apoptotic Body #4
Hadal Body #1
Hadal Body #2
Hadal Body #3

10,000 Watts, a company started by Seattle-based artist Louis Watts, offers affordable art prints using digitally manipulated motifs from his own large-scale charcoal drawings.

The effect of these digital prints is unique. Because they are based on hand-wrought, highly detailed drawings, the warm human touch of his artwork is retained, but is seen through the context of digital repetition and mechanization. The juxtaposition of the handmade and computer generated is striking and thought provoking.

These prints offer high-quality original artwork that is as affordable as it is beautiful – a rare combination indeed.

All prints are part of limited edition runs of 100 and are signed by the artist.