These wondrous receptacles made their debut in the late Renaissance and sought to encapsulate “the world all around”. Known in German as wunderkammer, the sixteenth-century chambers of marvels were capable of blending the natural and the bizarre, fantasy and boundless imagination, intrigue and mystery. ‘Section,’ a pendant lamp that looks almost like a totally contemporary wunderkammer, is the latest branded design from .exnovo, the Trento-based company which has pioneered the use of professional 3D printing to create digital design collections.

A modern, luminous wunderkammer capable of revealing every detail of its constituent parts: this, to be specific, is the special feature of ‘Section’ devised, like ‘Volume,’ by the designer Marco Lafiandra. The basic design elements of this light fitting are a moulded tubular diffuser fixed to a semi-spherical plate with perforated, textured finish, which looks minimalist but, at the same time, packs a powerful visual punch. Another feature of the lamp is its reflective metallic surface, positioned to close off the plate. This is what makes this fitting truly unique. Omnidirectional, the surface provides a focus for unseen views of the light source, combined with completely unexpected ‘sections’ of the ambience to which Section belongs. In a ceaseless interplay of lights and reflections, unforeseeable outcomes and infinite variations, reality gives way to intoxicating vision, to fantasy and boundless imagination. It is like a miniature ‘cabinet of curiosities,’ with a totally contemporary atmosphere.

The lamp’s diffuser and cap are made of sintered polyamide using professional 3D printing and are available in variations of white – the reflective surface, instead, is made of bronzed stainless steel. Section measures 30,1 cm L x 88,9 cm H x 25,0 cm P and accepts LED up to 18 W.


Section by .exnovo


Section, a particular