The pieces are made using only semi-industrial artefact with simple geometries. This is to make even stronger the idea behind the project, that means that has not been designed a product but a process. While starting from an industrial production in which the initial parts are all identical, the product resulting are also unique.
Each piece is filled with water and closed. The energy released during the phase transition deforms the workpiece.
The water is one of the few elements in nature which increase in volume in the transition state. It release a large amount of energy and the form of the workpiece is totally uncontrolled.
The pieces are all unique and differ in their openness and curves of deformation. The silver plating is functional precisely to enhance the surface irregularities seen its mirror effect.

Water is one of the few substances in nature in which the process of solidification
has an increase of specific volume.
We have created, thanks to the experience of “De Vecchi Milano 1935”, a series of silver vases
which form depends by water expansion inside them, when putted at 273 ° k, or 0 ° c.
Each piece of the collection, which form can not be designed but comes itself, is so unique
even if following all the same process.