2Taste knife and tray
2Taste is a cheese tasting set: the traditional cheese knife here
becomes one with dual functions in its use; it is inspired by the
ritual found in the cheese tasting tradition of Italy, where
diverse types of cheeses are combined with various honey or jam
products to enhance the taste of the previous.
This dual product has: one part a knife to slice through cheese;
the other is the honey-spoon to submerge into honey and enjoy.
You detach knife and spoon, slice with one hand the cheese, and
scoop into honey with the other.
This knife comes with a tray made on wood, with little bowls which
can be inserted together in its rail, to put honeys and jams to do
your tasting experience.
The materials used are eco-friendly and produced to get in contact
with food: the knife is made in POM resin and wood; the tray is in
wood and the bowls are in POM resin that is a very inert material.