A futuristic digital calendar and clock combined into one
Weekly view is closer to travelling down a tunnel at speed
Year view has more in common with a speedometer
Loads of icons to play with
Add an event page
Didderent shades to play with

Ajay Panchal, the British car designer who penned the iconic Nissan 350Z has turned his attention to the world of apps, to design a unique new calendar for the iPad.

Designed specifically for the touchscreen, Panchal’s 3:65 app dispenses with 31 square boxes. Instead, obviously inspired by the automotive designs he’s famous for, the year view has more in common with a speedometer. The weekly view is closer to travelling down a tunnel at speed.

Where possible, Panchal has replaced wearisome typing in favour of using icons to represent appointments. “Once you’re familiar with the icons, the calendar becomes really quick to use. In fact, why type, when you can icon?”

The app is specifically designed to break away from the very business-like layouts of other diary and calendar apps available and reflect the user’s lifestyle.

The iPad app can be downloaded from the app store here: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/3-65/id549471295?mt=8