Digital simulation and physical model
Fractal shell with electronic circuit
Sections through self-similar fractal shell
Lamp can be a hanging pendant light

Layered fractal light
shell patterns

The light’s ceramic 3d printed shell is modelled using an ever decreasing repeated pattern, these fractal dimensions reserve self-similarity across scale, where at any magnification there is a smaller piece of the object only being restricted through it’s entire form. When air passes over it the light freely rotates picking up speed as a result of it’s weight,
Balance and pattern repetition. The movement rotates a motor which creates a current using a joule thief circuit to light up a cluster of LED’S. The light only uses wind power to generate this electricity, a capacitor allows the light to store up energy when there is no wind power to turn it. There are no batteries in the circuit only the electronics circuit shown below.
The ceramic shell was designed using simulation software to test the aerodynamics and fluid dynamics of the form, materials and densities.