'4807' glacier glasses with lightweight protective cover, picture by Nicolas Genta
Portrait, picture by Sébastien Cluzel
The eyewear provides stylish protection from the sun, whether in the mountains or in the city, picture by Nicolas Genta
Using polarizing photochromic lenses especially designed by julbo for extreme mountain conditions, picture by Nicolas Genta
explicative postcard, drawings by Morgane Pluchon

ECAL Diploma project by the french designer Sébastien Cluzel.
Made in collaboration with Julbo®.

Protection in all forms is important and when it affects humans, it’s often a question of survival. In the mountaineer equipment, sunglasses glaciers are one of the most important objects. At heights of 4000m, if you can’t see anything and we’re stuck in the middle of nowhere, having your sunglasses can save your life.
Protective eyewear is extremely important, but often people wear sunglasses with lenses that are less efficient, preferring to choose ones with more style. The problem is that current performance sunglasses have aesthetic too ‘technical’, not attractive and that its protective case is too big. The inspiration came from the great years of the Haut-Savoyard Mountain climbing (a famous region in the french alps), where at the time they made glacier glasses from classic frame shape.

‘4807’ glacier glasses explore the balance between necessary performance and overall aesthetics. This pair of eyewear, intended for the general public, is using photochromic lenses Cat.4 designed for alpine climbing. The aim for the eyewear piece is to provide protection from the sun whether in the mountains or the city. The glasses are composed of a spring steel frame, branches bronze and a shell of polyurethane. The spring steel provides resistance to the frame in the event of a fall. The bronze structure allows the ends of the arms to move in all directions – under a helmet, beanie or bare-head the glasses are sturdily maintained. Polyurethane is used to bring comfort and flexibility. The general shape of the glasses is designed for optimal protection against sunlight. The hinge is made directly between the spring steel frame and bronze arms. A single screw is the join. Using polarizing photochromic lenses designed by Julbo® brand for extreme conditions, ‘4807’ offers maximum vision through the shape of their lenses follows the outline of the eye. Grooves placed on the sides of the frame, on the nose pads and temples are used for ventilation, anti-humidity and anti-slip, while the design also features holes at the ends of arms so that an adjustable cord can be added. The protective cover has been redesigned so it is as light and small as possible, made from technical fabrics, it can be easily rolled or folded and put away in a pocket. A cleaning cloth is sewn inside, to avoid losing it.