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4D Concrete Watch Automatic by Sean Yu

The concept for our 4D Concrete Watch Automatic, originates from contemporary architecture. Using three-dimensional structures, raw and authentic materials, succinct lines, and intricate mechanics, we aspire to create urban wristwatches that can inspire awe, just like the wonder when seeing a great work of architecture. Here are the details of the watch:

Cured concrete dial Created by pouring our special 22â„¢ concrete mix into the spiral mold and allowing it to cure for 14 days, each individual dial sets in a different manner to form a staircase upon which each step represents one hour.

Brass case Brass is a material that changes with time. The more it is worn, the smoother and glossier it becomes. With occasional wear, the brass bezel develops a unique finish, giving it a rustic and aged look.

Date window This unique date window, which takes the form of an atrium, connects the space above and below the dial. It offers a peek into the movement’s mechanics, while an enlarged window offers space to reflect on yesterday and anticipate tomorrow.

Innovative suspended hands Our 0.2mm stainless steel hands are bent twice at an 90° angle to suspend above the dial. These three hands, wandering within a 2.6mm height, are a 22™ innovative and experimental design.

Movement Swiss-made Sellita SW200 movement, widely adopted by world-leading watch brands, is economical and sturdy, providing a power reserve of 38 hours.











4D Concrete Watch Automatic Signature Edition

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