Thibault Brunet @ Computerspielemuseum Berlin © Thibault Brunet: from the series Vice City

October 19 to November 25, 2012

Berlin, September 2012 – From October 19 to November 25, 2012, the European Month of Photography
Berlin (Europäischer Monat der Fotografie Berlin – MdF Berlin) will once again attract local and
international attention to the German capital as a photo metropolis. Organized by Kulturprojekte
Berlin GmbH, the MdF has been held in Berlin since 2004. From initially 83 institutions with 93
exhibits and 135,000 visitors, the participation has increased to over 120 partners who, in 2010,
presented over 140 exhibitions and 250 events committed to historic and contemporary
photography, which attracted more than half a million visitors. Since February 2012, Katia
Reich is the curator of the festival. In its fifth edition in 2012, MdF Berlin will present selected
exhibitions and events in museums, galleries, cultural institutions and photography schools in
Berlin and Potsdam around the theme “The View Of The Other”.

International migration is a central phenomenon of the currently rapidly changing world order. For
political, economic or social reasons people become modern nomads, which forces them to
constantly deal with the “foreign” or “alien” – the “other” in relation to their own identity. Due to the
unlimited mobility of people, goods and commodities the “foreign” and the “familiar” tend to be less
and less separable from one another – their socio-political dependencies even seem to be
reenforced. On the other hand, “The View Of The Other” always also implicits a separation, an
isolation, while the act of viewing constitutes the transgression of a boundary. It is the beginning of
a reflection and part of our everyday perception, documentation and instrumentalization. The
media and their channels, including the social networks, support this process: unfiltered and in real
time, we produce, distribute, manipulate and consume images in all sorts of ways and thus
constantly contribute to the manifold descriptions of the world.

Through the selection of participants, the photographer’s exhibitions will enter into a “dialogue”
with one another and thus reflect the nature of our current society, or societies.

In 2012, the exhibition project DistURBANces will take place alongside our partner’s exhibitions.
This project was jointly developed by a European network in Bratislava, Budapest, Ljubljana,
Luxembourg, Paris and Vienna (EMOP). It will have its own thematic focus in each host city.
Parallel to the partners’ exhibitions, a festival centre will serve as a meeting place and an
exhibition and event venue during the enitre run of the festival. A program of lectures, portfolio
sightings, performative mediation formats and an awards ceremony will give a new impetus.

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Achim Klapp, Tel. +49 30-25 79 70 26, presse@mdf-berlin.de