The luxury Moscow interior is divided into three main parts:

1) living room – kitchen, office for work. All rooms are pulled together to the main area of the living room – the kitchen. In this space a big amount of doors, part of them compositively represents the gaps in the wall between the floor and the ceiling, together with the curtains they form verticals that stretch the horizontal space.

2) Bedroom, wardrobe, bathroom. This is a private part of the apartment with the passage from the bedroom to the bathroom through the wardrobe and on the way back to the main space – through the wardrobe to the kitchen – the living room

3) Kids room with play area, bedroom and bathroom. During the planning, the main task was to unite the parts in a single space. The apartment has a perimeter window arrangement. The ceiling geometry was compositionally grouped to the center and the second light between the walls remained, this solution allowed to place the ventilation and additional reflected lighting in the places invisible to the eyes between the ceiling and the wall.