The Designer Drugs Collection by Aroha Silhouettes
The Coffee and Cigarettes Necklace
A combination of the caffeine and nicotine molecules synthesized together
The Overdose Necklace is a strikingly exquisite statement piece designed not to be ingested, but worn
A combination of the illicit LSD, Psylocybin, Cocaine, DMT, THC and MDMA molecules synthesized together
The Spliff Necklace
A smooth combination of the caffeine and THC molecules synthesized together
The Tripping Balls Necklace
A psychedelic piece sure to make you feel like you’re hallucinating
A combination of the hallucinogenic LSD, Psylocybin and DMT molecules synthesized together

First came Molecular Addictions and now, in Aroha Silhouettes’ latest Designer Drugs Collection, the roof is blown clean off the lab with pieces sure to make you feel like you’re hallucinating. Imagine an alternate reality where unabashed profligacy and depravity could exist without the 4 day hangover or Breaking Bad consequences. The concept behind Designer Drugs is one of hedonism, indulgence and over-the-top debauchery where, in a ‘fantasy laboratory’, both legal and illicit molecular hybrids are created not to be ingested, but worn.

Bringing together the “wearable vices” from the original Molecular Addictions collection and synthesizing them to create visually arresting SuperMolecules, the six necklaces comprising Designer Drugs represent a collection of pieces even more stunning than their derivatives.

From the delicate simplicity of Spliff, to Candy Flipping and Coffee and Cigarettes’ understated intricacy, to the strikingly exquisite Overdose statement necklace, each of these unapologetically bold pieces create such a delicious piece of eye-catching neck candy, you’re guaranteed to turn every head you pass. This fantastical new collection lets you enjoy a spectacular trip in a way that leaves a lasting impression without the icky flashbacks.

Each shamefully indulgent piece is made from a strong yet lightweight stainless steel that either has a smooth matte black powder coating and is paired with either gunmetal chain and findings or is uncoated with silver plated chain and findings.