Unique and very limited production numbers is my preferred level of output, but how large I make is dictated by a more intrusive limitation, it’s the available space in my workshop that decides. When Niclas Berg of BERG Gallery offered me the use of his exhibition room during last months Stockholm Design Week it was a no-brainer, an opportunity to make and present work on a larger scale had just been handed to me on a plate. I just had to get it done in the 30 square meter space that I have to work in.

A GREATER SCALE: is an incremental adjustment in size, its both a point of departure and a point of arrival in a familiar landscape of objects and function. By shifting focus to the floor and to the walls I’ve had to leave my beloved desk-top format and move into wider, taller and altogether bigger world. A GREATER SCALE is a loosely connected group with a common genealogy and a shared sense direction. I have drawn on the the play with materiality and context that has become the substructure of my work, to make objects that communicate with their user on a different level than what I am used to, where interaction is central to the experience, not simply the visual impact. Moving gently up in format has allowed me to expand the scope of what I do, like easing out of an ill-fitting jacket into something a bit more comfortable it offers a freedom of movement that is liberating. Aluminium, copper, mirrored glass and plastic are among the usual suspects to be found here, I added some jesmonite and a few LED light sources to put together a exhibition that is not only an interpretation of the commonplace objects that make up our surroundings, it’s also hint of things to come from my new larger workspace…

A GREATER SCALE: David Taylor at BERG Gallery 9th February-15 March 2016.


BENCH: aluminium, copper, textile

FLOOR CLOCK: copper cladding, large digital display.

FLOOR LAMP: jesmonite, plastic, LED light source

SMALL MIRROR: mirror glass, copper, aluminium

LARGE MIRRORS: mirror glass, copper, aluminium, MDF sheet.

TABLE LAMP: jesmonite, LED light source