wood case
wood case
earphone plug
interior obzet
interior obzet

It is the earphone plug and interior objet called “a little bird flown onto your cellphone”.
This product is consists of the earphone plug in little bird shape, and the wooden case to contain or hold (can be mounted) the bird.
By a cute bird resting on a cellphone, it provides a fun and natural sensibility and express sleek metal luxury look.
Unlike the existing fancy earphone plugs that are for young generation of teens to 20s, this product is able to target the middle-aged customers.
We planned this item as we couldn’t find many accessories for middle-aged in spite of huge number of middle-aged are already using smart phone.

In addition, it added luxury and fun through the bud nest shaped wooden case in which the earphone plug can be kept when not in used.
It resolved the inconveniency of existing product that has no place to store and, unlike the usual earphone that loses value when not be plugged to cellphone.
We intended to create a unique value as an art work utilizing the hanging function of its wooden case at a side of cellphone when not in used.
As the feature of a new interior objet, separate from the mobile phone, we wanted to create a new fun and sensibilities.