Artist Bio: Izabella just graduated the 3rd year Specialization at Alchimia, School of Contemporary Jewelry in Florence, Italy. She received a BA(2007) and a MA(2009) at the University of Art and Design in Cluj Napoca, Romania.
A love story
This is a love story as I remember it. It is about me being the spectator of a love story that has been going on for many years. When we remember things, they are fuzzy, inaccurate, not true sometimes and not in the chronological order. We mostly remember the feelings.
By using the remains of some inline-skates (rollerblades) he used, the old-fashioned, out of style, sweat and broken, I take advantage of all the material and emotional qualities they are giving me, extracting the value from the objects (skates) and refining then by changing their state, separating it into material and emotion. I dissected the memories of this love story by taking apart the skates, some of them violently, others with care, focusing on two components: the wheals and the laces. The wheals are spinning just like love make you feel, while the laces are there to bind and combine, to boil, to tangle and make a mess.
I use only one color on each piece. The colors are the ones from the skates he had ā€“ denim blue, white, dark grey. This way the pieces are dematerialized, put in another context and joined into a new object ā€“ a piece of jewelry. The brooches were made thinking this are the jewels that stay closer to the heart and the neckpieces because they resemble the most to hugs.
These pieces of jewelry are an accumulation of feelings, memories, years that have been left behind. There is no history, just a story.

{ Some of the pictures are on Facebook. Six of them were selected for the Annual Marzee Graduation Show (Nijmegen, Netherlands) http://www.marzee.nl/galerie/ , so they are on the website. The selection I made now was not on web yet, other then FB }
Photos by Federico Cavicchioli