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In a context of an approaching substantial transformation of Savamala, a neglected city quarter, we thought it is crucial to make the area understandable.
We believed it will be of a great advantage for the area’s development if we have an as clear as possible idea on what Savamala is made of, its activities, what are the interests involved and what ambitions do the different stakeholders in the area aspire to.
For this reason we decided to make the area of Savamala transparent through the means of architectural representation, a 3D physical model of Savamala, relating to the sociological, economical and political facts.
In its basic architectural form, the model is reflecting the history and current state of affairs in the area as well as its potential upcoming developments. It represents the existing urban morphology and typology, it goes into issues of the property structure, it indicates the intensity of commercial activities and shows where do the inhabitants of Savamala live. These data, mostly available, have never been visualized and put in relation to each other.
In this sense projects ambition was to make a model that represents the current condition of Savamala: to visualize and make comprehensible what we are dealing with when talking about this area. To target the public awareness of it and (together with citizens, visitors, developers, politicians and investors) illustrate and indicate the potential this area has.

project info:

full title: A Model for Savamala
type: research project
location: Belgrade, Serbia
project authors: Maja Popovic Vracar and Boba Stanic
coauthors: Ana Ugrinic, Daša Spasojevic, Predrag Milic and Milos Kašul Nikolic
producers and colaborators: Modelart Arhitekti, Studio KU+, Belgrade Soundmap
sponsors: Goethe Institut Belgrade, Netherlands Embassy in Belgrade, Faculty of Architecture of University of Belgrade
photography: Modelart Arhitekti and Vojin Stanickov