Koreans communicate with family and their neighbors through making kimchi(so called ‘Gimjang’). This is one of Korean traditional cultures.

This culture has many ways to make kimchi with using scientific ways such as fermentation and ripening for a long time.

As each house has their own way to make kimchi, Seungji Mun uses his own way to make new shape of kimchi.

Gimjang basin is used as mold. And put cement and steel structure instead of chili powder and cabbage and mix them. Lastly harden cement.

After all that, a simple looking bench is well-completed.

This bench was displayed as art-work in Seoul Kimchi Festival. It was located in Seoul Gwanghwamun Square and was used as a place of communication.


Gwanghwamun Square in Seoul Korea

A New shape of Kimchi



Making process of New Kimchi

Making process of New Kimchi

Gwanghwamun Square in Seoul Korea