For comparison with the world of cooking, we could say that our goal was not to try a
new recipe, but to search for a new method of “cooking”. The idea at the base of “aperdere”
project is to create a molding method which allows to provide any geometry
without the need to remove the piece from the mold. The piece is first made of ice,
immersed in a solution of bees wax and carnauba wax that hardens instantly forms a
solid skin; then expect the ice to melt, leaving the piece hollow inside. The object is not
to be removed from the mold because the mold is leaking away alone.

We have continued our work in water research started with the collection 273 designed
for De Vecchi, choosing to make even the change of status of this substance, but in a
completely different way. The cubes that represent the domestic shape of ice, when
compressed into the container creates fascinating and unique shapes. The wax, but it
could be any other material with similar properties, crystallizes these forms and after
the ice has melted it keeps the memories alive.

The name “a-perdere” derives from the fact that this expression is commonly used to
indicate the fusion process in which a wax model is used to create the form to be
printed and which is dissolved and then lost when the molten metal enters the cavity of
the mold (lost-wax casting). In the case of “a-perdere” is the ice that melts, but in reality
nothing is lost because the water is then reused to make new cubes.
We tried to test a new process of transformation and we have found a new and unusual
aesthetic language.