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A piece of marble by Yuchen Wu

Texture and patterns of a marble can be complex and come in different varieties. Ancient Asians would read landscape from it, where it would come with great sceneries or magnificent stories.

A PIECE OF MARBLE is a series of furniture design by Taiwanese designer, Yuchen Wu. Different colors and patterns of marble are cut and assembled, after rearrangement, there would begin to have a connection with food. The half transparent surface can be thought as the sugarcoated dessert, where the sides with different layers are as seem to be the layers of the stuffing.

With different imaginations of the viewer. This rich block can be a piece of chocolate or a slice of cake, just as how the Asians would view the scenes. So, what is it that you read?

A piece of marble

A piece of marble_details of marble pattern

A piece of marble_details of marble pattern

A piece of marble_process of assembling

A piece of marble_process of sewing

A piece of marble_process of water cutting

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