Facade of the duplex block. © Sergio Grazia
A duplex. © Sergio Grazia
Interior view. © Sergio Grazia
Sustainable residential complex. © Sergio Grazia
Facade of the duplex block. © Sergio Grazia
Sustainable residential complex. © Sergio Grazia
Sustainable residential complex. © Sergio Grazia
Plans and section.
Evolution from T4 toT5.

The program is composed of 2 apartment blocks of 36 flats and 7 blocks of Multi-Family Dwellings with 26 flats. Each typology correspond to different ways of living: the first one looks like “classic” and fixed, while the second one is atypical and evolutionary. The aim is to respond with a maximum of possibilities to the different buyers’ demands (the first buyers, investors, families, early couples, etc …).

The Multi-Family Dwellings are conceived as small blocks with a compact form. The sequence of the blocks (two lines of 3 and 4) is regularly interrupted by vertical and horizontal connections between the flats and the inner court. Each block is composed by two duplexes of 3 bedrooms with a private garden at ground and first floor, and two smaller flats of 1 and 2 bedrooms directly accessible by privates terraces at the second floor. All the duplex housings at ground floor of the intermediate buildings are characterized by the living room organized by a double height space, that’s a real reserve of surface: a door-window and the electrical installation already realized allow you to realize an additional 12m² bedroom for a low price.

The structure adopted for the buildings is a mixed wood-concrete structure:
– Perpendicular to the streets walls, interior walls and floors are made of concrete;
– Parallel to the street and to the garden walls, non-load bearing walls are made of preaged wood of pine.

The visual and formal aspect has a direct correspondence to this constructive principle, which gives a strong coherence and homogeneity to the different volumes.

Program: 62 High efficiency energetic housings
Address: Sustainable – neighborhood of the Bottière Chênaie – Nantes (44), France
Calendar: 2008-2012
Client: Espacil
Architect: Atelier Tarabusi
Engineer: I2C
Surface: 4138 m ²
Cost: 4.300.000 €
Photo credits: Sergio Grazia