Hiroan, in Tokyo’s Asakusa district, is one of Japan’s oldest small leather goods workshops, with origins dating back to 1906. Hiroan’s unique ‘betahari’ method consists of layering two pieces of leather, tanned to 0.5 mm, across the grain, creating leather that’s extremely thin, tough and supple. The sewn edges are ordinarily finished with several layers of dye, but Hiroan polishes its leathers repeatedly after staining them for a distinctive gloss and sharp impression at the edges.

Hasegawa Hiroshi, Hiroan’s third generation owner and the creator of Hiroan’s ‘ultimate’ thin leather goods, says it’s most chic not to overfill them. Based on this philosophy and on the feeling that one doesn’t as much take bills and cards out of a Hiroan wallet as slide them out, we couldn’t help but associate the word ‘slide’ with Hiroan’s goods. We designed a wallet and card case with a subtle slit that allows cards to be slid from them, as well as a A5-sized daily organiser cover that’s closed by sliding a pen into its clasp. Like Hasegawa’s philosophy, our collection is based on the feeling of sliding the bare minimum items from thin, pliant leather, rather than cramming things in and out of a bulging wallet. Each item comes in three colour combinations: black and green, navy and black, and brown and orange.