daddy with child on abooba chair
abooba chair
scalable mesh
front view
side view
comfortable cousion
kissing with daddy

the scenario of a father relieving his fatigue by sitting in a chair to read a book or newspaper comfortably can sometimes be impossible. kids want to play, or be hugged, taking away from the tranquility being exercised.

1. ‘abooba’ – meaning ‘piggyback’ in korean, a piece of furniture that encourages the playful interaction between children and parents. complete with climbing nets and supports, the project reflects the aesthetics of a playground

2.background (it’s a my childhood story.)
When I was young, Sunday morning, as soon as I woke up, I ran to my dad’s arms. I waited for my dad to get up, but waking up is a tough job for my exhausted old man. I incessantly woke him up to play with him. Without choices, he woke up and sat down on the sofa with rubbing his eyes. At that moment, I got on his shoulder. Soon he took off the ground, and I was flying over the world. by jaewook kim

3.design process
– By giving a surface at the leg part, some weights were added for the kids not to fall down backward while they climb up.
– More angles were added for the kids not to fall backward at the top.
– A net supporting the kids to climb up the chair.
– it looks like a playground facility