Achilles is a multi-functional console in wood and iron .
Achilles wants to be a remake of the ’50s furniture into co- design with the needs of contemporary society.
The metal surface inside and ‘ extractable Mobile becoming a table in its own right .
The entire surface of the table has holes of different diameters designed to accommodate and perform different functions .
The different diameters are made so that they can be used as a paper roll holders , bottle holders, magazine rack , flower vase and can perform the task that is most suited to the environment to which it is put , from the bedroom for a breakfast to a room look like a magazine rack wine rack in the living room to a door projects in a studio.
Some holes are thought to be able to screw the nuts from becoming the bulb table lamp holder itself .
On the sides are oval holes that allow you to remove it easily from the main console and handle it with greater ease .
Achilles is presented as a console versatile, suitable for different situations , dynamic and usable by the customer at 360 °