Acropolis Sofa Angle View
Acropolis Sofa Head On
Acropolis Sofa Side Detail
Acropolis Sofa Back Frame
Acropolis Sofa Back Detail
Acropolis Sofa Interior Detail

Acropolis is a sofa by Al-Hamad Design studio.  Inspired by the Acropolis of Rhodes, the sofa promises absolute safety and confidence atop its plateau.  The word acropolis literally in Greek means “city on the extremity”.  She is the “sofa on the extremity”, allowing whomever in her to feel far away, above all mortality and worry.  
Acropolis’ shape allows the user/users to enter in numerous sitting and laying positions. The upholstery loops throughout the interior, it’s suede like texture enveloping the user/users with a feeling of privacy and a hint of intimacy. 

Acropolis is now available at Interior 360 Dubai & made to order internationally.  

Al-Hamad Design is an award-winning design studio based in New York City and Kuwait City.  Founded by Nanu Al-Hamad in 2011, the Al-Hamad Design Studio focuses on high-end furniture, lighting, object design, and custom made pieces.  Embracing an innovative design theory based on a foundation of new concepts, the designs utilize progressive materials and technologies in order to improve and expand the relationship between objects and their users.  Al-Hamad Design’s fearless ‘remember the future’ design philosophy is shaping a new movement in design.  Al-Hamad’s modular Gibbous Chair and Ottoman recently won the 2012 A’ Design Award.
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