ADAM's Cocoon adapter system
ADAM can be used with or without backrest


We just launched a new product design project on Kickstarter called ADAM Dock and we hope you like it! ADAM is a universal phone dock with unique Cocoon adaptors that allow you to charge any phone that uses the Apple Lightning/30 pin or the Micro USB adapter.

ADAM is designed to be beautiful
To give it the same premium feel as MacBooks, ADAM is crafted in aircraft grade aluminum with tapered edges and a smooth brushed or anodized finish.

ADAM is designed to be functional
With our unique Cocoon adaptor system, you are no longer locked into one ecosystem. When you buy a new phone, all you have to do is take the cable that came with your device and put it into the appropriate Cocoon adapter.
Any spare cable can also be hidden inside the body for a clean, clutter free look.

ADAM is designed for easy touch screen operation
Using a raised flat top design, ADAM allows you to hold and use the phone as you normally would.

The flat top design allows for maximum flexibility and compatibility. Unlike other docks molded for a single device, ADAM will support any device whether it’s an iPod Nano or a 7-inch tablet.

For more information, please visit our kickstarter page.



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