Perspective view, showing the back storage with hooks for coats and jackets and the front shelf for purses and cluthces

The Adaptation Barstool is a barstool that has evolved to become a better adapted species to exist in a bar environment. Just like species that adapt to their environments in nature, the barstool has incorporated new feature to accommodate more. As a result, you can now safely and securely store your coats at the rear compartment which provides to easily accessible hooks. By providing a closed surface at the back and the front, your coats will be kept clean and secure. Additionally, the stool provides a shelf right below the seat for easy access storage of bags, purses, clutches and other smaller personal items. This feature utilizes the way people interact with the bar stool to provide further security, since by sitting on the barstool the person will be covering the front of the shelf with their legs, making it very hard for others to access their belongings.

The dimensions and the form of the barstool are the results of a long study of finding an optimum form to satisfy the functional criteria. The back had to be that high in order for a winter coat to be comfortably hung etc. Additionally, the positive spaces of the stool are accommodating the person while the negative spaces are accommodating the belongings. This and the way the stool has been made are both true to the nature of the function and the materials utilized in order to make it. As well as being true to how they were being made (by having exposed finger joints to show how the wood goes together etc.)