Clockwork, Thunderstorm
Clockwork, Charcoal
Cocoon, Brown/Tan
Cocoon, Merlot/Beige
Cocoon, Navy/Beige
Etruscan, Warm Earth

Carpet tiles that assemble as area rugs or span from wall to wall. Rotate tiles to choose the design.
Binvetec carpet tiles have a sleek, low-profile appeal, and are the only modular floor covering specifically designed to allow a multitude of patterns to be created or no pattern at all, using only one tile design. By grouping a few tiles, then repeating the group on the floor, a unique pattern emerges. Change the group, and likewise the pattern changes. In contrast, by installing the tiles with random rotations, a pattern-free floor covering can be achieved. With StayTac non-adhesive installation system, the floor design can be changed at any time.