Adobe: desk tools in terracotta
Adobe document tray
Adobe table mirror
Adobe at the entrance
Adobe in the bathroom
Adobe: desk tools in terracotta

Adobe is an office and homework collection of desk tools made using
the ancient technique of manual brick’s production.
Its name in fact derives from the mixture of clay, silt, sand and plant fibers used by many people in all ages to make the most common building material.
“I found interesting to develop household objects with the same technique used to build houses, letting myself be guided by the various colors resulting from the different compositions of the ground in Italy.”
Adobe is consists of 5 elements pure shaped made with 5 different varieties of clay which give the objects as many shades of color.
Everything is softened by colored metal frame supporting volumes the terracotta and enhancing the essential aspect.
The production process consists in filling with clay some specially constructed wood molds. After a first partial drying the molded shape is decorated by engraving his surface with a metal wire, in the same way with which the clay blocks
are usually cut away.
Finally, once drying is complete, the pieces are the baked in the oven.