Aeris +Altrove are the result of the collaboration between two young designers, Alessio D’Andrea and Vincenzo Vitiello. Their research work examines the concept of green houseplant analyzed through two perspectives: the aesthetic and the welfare aspect. The plants in the house environment have a great importance, in the both definitions as regards the aesthetic point of view and the positive effect on the people’s psyche and health. Aeris + Altrove are strongly characterized by their design and the traditional materials used such as clay, wood and copper give them warmth and authenticity. The products of the collection are mixed with nature thanks to the organic lines of the forms and the nature of the materials, which give them freshness and elegance in any environment they are installed.

Aeris is a domestic air purifier, an innovative and an ecological solution which has an eco – chic shape. Aeris achieves these characteristics through a unique design that increases the flow of air inside the plant, forcing the air to pass through a substrate of expanded clay and activate carbon through a high speed fan. The possibility to change different houseplants, and the possibility of choosing different combinations of materials and colours, makes it highly customizable and suitable for different environments and lifestyle.

Altrove is a product designed to take care of the houseplants when you are not at home. Based on the traditional method of the drop irrigation this system hides its function thanks to its evocative and emotional appearance. The organic form is mould by the little belt around the support. At the top oblique cut interrupts the formal balance by creating an invitation for water filling.


Aeris + Altrove

Aeris + Altrove

Aeris - air purifier

Altrove - irrigation system

Aeris - air purifier

3 main elements: inner pot, outside pot with an electric fan and the wooden tripod.

The plant grows in the inner pot with activated carbon and expanded clay

Altrove's elements

Choose the configuration, place the strap and fix the container.

Fill the container with water.