Air by deVOL
The Air range by deVOL
Air's curved base cabinets
The Air Kitchen
A bird's eye view of the Air Kitchen
Air by deVOL
Air is available in a choice of ten different colours
The Air wall cupboard
The Air range by deVOL Kitchens

The Air range is defined by its curved oak frame and rolled aluminium end panels. Inspired by the Airstream caravan and vintage aero construction, Islands appear to float and upright cupboards stand on spindly stainless steel legs, looking like pods that have just landed. A subtle concave finger-sized dimple is the only feature on the slightly translucent door surfaces. This is a totally new take on retro, we are happy to welcome you.

At deVOL we have some inspired designers that relish a challenge. We love design and we each have our design heroes and our favourite iconic designs from the past. If you put a mixture of serendipity, flair and good old-fashioned common sense into the melting pot and simmer gently for a few months, something unique starts to emerge.

The new Air range tries to emulate some of the most innovative and beautiful creations of the last century, from vintage automobile construction, the simple hulls of working boats, the iconic Airstream caravan or the sensuous Lockheed Lounge chair by Marc Newson. Visually, each inspires a sense of freedom and adventure.