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Air Tattoo - Geometry
Air Tattoo - Vine
Air Tattoo - Hexagon
Air Tattoo - Dew
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London based design studio Logical Art has launched a new project Air Tattoo on the famous crowd funding website – Kickstarter.
Air Tattoo is a collection of wearable art pieces for decorating body and clothes. It enables you to wear a beautiful delicate “drawing” as a piece of paper jewellery. the patterns came from the original drawings of logical art designers.

The material is a special eco-friendly paper. It keeps all the great quality of normal paper (soft texture, light weight, beautiful tension), yet it is very strong. It is light, comfortable, and perfectly fit to your body (neck and shoulders) with our smart fitting design. It is also water-resistant / tear-resistant material, strong enough to wear, even for rainy days. It enables you to wear air tattoo multiple times. The texture is like a leather-piece which has its own quality of volume, like leather. The more you wear, the more leather-like looking it will be.

The idea behind this project is to convert delicate hand-drawn patterns into an air-like “tattoo”. It is something that can decorate the surface of both body and clothes. The process of this project is very closely related to the “hand” and “craft” element, which gives a intimate feeling of the art work; yet in the same time the production process and material chosen comes with very practical industrial thinking, allowing the beautiful “wearable art” to be provided with a relative low price tag in fashion industry.

This project is currently on Kickstarter.com to raise funds for production.
Please check out more details from their kickstarter page :