AKA Amina Necklace designed by Holy Faya.

Made in Brooklyn from 3D printed biodegradable filament, Rainbow Python, Hawaïan flowers and engraved goldy brass.

Holy Faya is One artist + One designer grew up and studied in Paris. Today they work between Paris and Brooklyn.

The duo mixes traditional jewelry savoir-faire with 3D printing technologies, precious materials with innovative manufacturing process. Inspired by the power of colors & melting pot, fairy tale iconography, street culture and costume film extravagance they handcraft with love flamboyant jewels, like magic items for your everyday life.


AKA Amina white crystal by Holy Faya

AKA Amina white crystal by Holy Faya

Tradition and new technology reunited by Holy Faya

AKA Amina booty pink by Holy Faya

Amina Princess of Brooklyn by Holy Faya