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Akaroa Lights by James Boock and Henry Franks

The Akaroa lights are a range of pendant lamps designed bespoke for a house located in the volcanic sea-side town of Akaroa, New Zealand.

The concept was driven solely by the location. The shape and structure of the lights were derived from the rings that make up the structure of a shield volcano and the brushed brass tubes connecting the rings symbolise the internal magma. The patina finish creates a visual aesthetic and texture that compliments the sea-side location. Each ring comes apart into three sections and each section was dipped into an oxidising bath for a specific time period in order to get the green and blue patina. This was then coated with lacquer to seal the patina from further oxidisation. The components can be disassembled to be flat packed for shipping.

About Dubloon Dubloon is a London based design studio that was founded by James Boock and Henry Franks after graduating together from the Royal College of Art. They share the same philosophy in generating unique physical work from large scale installations, industrially produced products to bespoke pieces for advertising events.

The lights were made in 3 sizes hanging at varying heights.

The rings are connected by the brass tubes.

Detail of the patina.

The volume changes as you move around the space they become large and then thin when viewed from underneath.





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