Since humans emerged as a species, we have processed commodities by using fire and water. Today the art of cooking is still a relatively basic discipline. EtKøkken consists of three stations: a water station, a block station and a fire station. Together these stations set the frame, around which the processing and preparation of meals require active engagement from the individual.
“The starting point was a desire to challenge today’s kitchen standards, because I don’t believe that an over-equipped kitchen necessarily makes better food or saves the cook time. Cooking is a basic discipline and by using high-quality ingredients, you don’t require more than basic cooking utensils to create amazing food. I then asked myself hypothetically, what the basics of cooking are: one ventures into nature, butchers a chicken and prepares a meal using fire, water and a chopping block. Those three elements then set the frame around the processing and preparation of the meal, ultimately covering the kitchens basic functions. I intended to pull these elements into a contemporary context. It’s not about having to settle, but rather a quest for shining new light on our established ideals of what a ‘kitchen’ means.”
You can bring EtKøkken with you through your life and place it anywhere you wish:-inside or outside. The water station must be connected to both a water supply and a drainage pipe, however the fire and block stations don’t require any fixed position. The fire-station contains a gas bottle, while the block station is on wheels, which allows it to be rolled between the fire and water stations.
The fire, water and block stations each have a ring attached on the side, where you can place your primary cooking tools.