AL the Fanning Wallet is a stainless steel, minimal wallet that sits amongst many. But with a twist. AL is the first minimal wallet that can fan its contents out. Keep cards, some cash and watch them fan outwards for easy access. Being a simple assembly of 2 stainless steel plates, a spring steel bend and an inner pouch, means there are no additional mechanisms to fail at the wrong moments. Available in three finishes – Steel, Noir and Bronze. Created by a team of 3 Industrial Designers – Lee Han Xi, Lim Jun Jie and Lynn Ho Xin Yi, who are currently based in Singapore.


AL the Fanning Wallet, the minimal wallet that fans your stash.

User-friendly design that gives your fingers comfortable space to access your cards and cash.

When closed, AL is the thickness of your pinky.

Slide your cards and cash in and out of AL with ease.

Quiet and unassuming, AL prides itself for his simple yet well-crafted look.

Only slightly larger than your credit card size means you can slip AL into any pocket comfortably.