Alar table lamp: w/concrete base

Hello MOCO,

Attached are images of 2 versions of the Alar Table lamp. The Alar line comes in many other configurations: wall, floor, chandelier, etc (The double stemmed version was in the NY Times, but the others have not been published). I am also promoting a line of “Steel and Concrete” furniture (particularly the “EE” and “WF” line) which can be seen on my website. If you would like more information and/or images feel free to contact me.

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“The Alar line of handcrafted wall, table, ceiling, and floor lamps from the studio of Joshua Howe. While Howe’s furniture is minimal and meditative, his Alar lights have a graceful industrial attitude that evokes both botanical as well as machine-age forms.
At first glance, the fluid, bending stem of the double-stem floor lamp bring to mind nodding flowers. Upon closer inspection, the lamp heads reveal the meticulous workmanship involved: machined industrial steel (w/acid patina), copper tubing details, form a central core securing the bulb, which is encircled by four translucent, etched acrylic wings through which light glows. Every screw hole has been hand-tapped; each lamp head hand-assembled—the design possesses a dynamic tension created by the feeling that nothing more could be taken away, nothing more added, in these streamlined, cultivated works of art.”