Alter Ego satisfies your thirst for water and equity

You published about it when the project was in the design phase and updated it a few months ago before we launched our crowdfunding campaign: http://mocoloco.com/fresh2/2010/10/09/alter-ego-by-aquaovo.php

Our campaign is now live on Indiegogo (not Kickstarter). Since the project evolved to something more than it was, I would like to suggest a complete update on the project with the new photos and data available on the campaign page: http://www.indiegogo.com/alter

We will be adding a Press Coverage section to our pitch very soon and I was hoping to your updated post in it.

Your help getting more attention to our project would be greatly appreciated.


Manuel Desrochers
Head Designer & Co-founder

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Montreal, Quebec H2T 1S8

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