Alu-minimum iPhone 4s Case

The Alu-minimum Collection by Vadim Kibardin brings you the perfect combination of ultra-minimalist design and function. The futuristic style in a simple looking design that both embellishes and protects your iPhone 5/4/4s, business cards or USB flash drive.

1. iPhone 5 / iPhone 4 / iPhone 4s Aluminium Case & Rubber Case
Our CNC Machined Aluminium Case + Rubber Case offer the best double durable protection for your iPhone 5/4/4s. With the hard shell aluminium construction for greater impact, bump and scratch protection, and the interior rubber case for shock absorption, the Alu-minimum Case offers direct access to all iPhone 5/4/4s features.

Choose your rubber case colour and combine it with a silver or black aluminium shell. Its satin finish also provides enhanced comfort in your hand.

Precision engineered, the Alu-minimum Case has an absolutely clean shape that lets you prop up your phone vertically or horizontally for easy viewing.

The Alu-minimum Case Kibardindesign is one of the most rugged, lightweight, and versatile iPhone cases.

2. Stand for viewing iPhone Widescreen & USB Flash Drive & Earphone Wire Organizer

Music and photo collections, movies — virtually anything you wish to travel with safely can be stored, transferred or retrieved with the excellent Alu-minimum Stand.

With hands-free landscape viewing and convenient earphone storage, the Alu-minimum Stand for iPhone turns any desk or aeroplane tray table into your own personal movie theatre.

When the show’s over, put your earphones in the case and wind the cord wrap around the stand body. Compact enough to slip into your pocket or hand bag, our Alu-minimum Stand is the great combination of functionality and minimalist design.

3. Aluminium Card Case

The Alu-minimum Card Case in a clever eye-catching design that allows easy card access with just a slide of the thumb is the best protection for your business cards.