We would like to let you know that we are releasing the first edition of our Aluminum Stool#1 and we respectfully ask that you share the following with your readers and followers.

About the Aluminum Stool #1 :
The idea for the aluminum stool came from a fascination with airplane, bridge and ship building parts that plainly display the way the industrial machine body is assembled. Made from five 18 gauge bent and riveted aluminum pieces, the stool is naturally strong and light and weighs less than 2 lbs., which makes it inexpensive to ship to you and easy for you to carry around. Once assembled, the metal parts are power coated, then the seat is cut from 1/4” thick natural wool felt, and adhered to the stool to serve as a soft resilient pad for the body.

About us:
Monstrans is a multi-disciplinary architecture & design startup since 2008. As architects, we are inclined to look at materials and making as potentials for beauty, only through drawings and model making, are we able to make this potential manifest. The arduous nature of this work is embodied in the name “Monstrans”, a hybrid word, meaning to show or reveal and directly related to the word monster, as in those things which are revealed in our dreams. This relationship is analogous to the two sided nature of the architectural drawings, to reveal the invisible.

Leo Salom, AIA