Dear Sirs,

I would like to present you one of my last works, for Kartell’s exhibition in Portugal, “Dimensão ? Lisboa”.

Kartell’s portuguese dealer in Portugal, Dimensão, as challenged several Portuguese artists to decorate their iconic chairs, with Lisbon as the main subject.

In this “gesture of love” for the city, a whole lot of metamorphosed objects emerged.

Having Philippe Stark “Louis Ghost” chair to work with, the first thing that came into my mind as a theme, was FADO, a traditional portuguese music genre, elevated last year as intangible heritage of humanity.

As a tribute to one of Fado’s biggest figure, I decided to personify this particular chair as “Amália”. Dramatic, theatrical, sad and dark, with its arms wide open, just like our singer, inviting you to take a seat and to listen to Fado great love stories.

It is my pleasure to inform you that the chair “Amália” has found its place, and it is right where it’s supposed to be, where our singer used to live, at Amália Rodrigues Foundation.