"Kiss Me Deadly" Acrylic on canvas 33 x 39 in. (84 x 99 cm) by Gina Higgins
"The Last Seduction" Acrylic on canvas 32 x 38 in. (81 x 97 cm) by Gina Higgins
"Shadow of a Doubt" Acylic on canvas 27 x 40 in. (69 x 101 cm) by Gina Higgins

Born in New Orleans, and raised in the Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles, Gina Higgins’ paintings are a modern twist to the styling of the Film Noir film making of the 1940’s. The provocative acrylic paintings employ the use of trademark melodramatic low-key lighting and edgy camera angles juxtaposing elegant mysterious figures against urban backdrops.

Accepted for direct admission to the University of Southern California Roski School of Fine Arts at barely 17, she enrolled in the graphic arts curriculum, setting her sights on becoming a fashion illustrator. Fiercely independent, she left the university 2 years into the program, to travel to Europe, where she continued to refine her artistic technique,receiving formal training in figurative drawing and painting in Paris, and Florence, Italy, before returning to finish her BFA.

Gina Higgins uses a melange of techniques, material, and styles. “My approach is spontaneous and controlled,” a delicate blending of photo-realistic detail with evocative imagery. Working under halogen lighting rather than direct sunlight, the acrylic paintings, have an ethereal and nocturnal appearance. Gina’s work embraces her figurative illustrative background. She describes the paintings as “what can be seen in the blink of an eye, like the flash from a camera.”