KDR3 Bench and Family Table
KDR3 Kitchen Dresser (Front)
KDR3 Kitchen Dresser (3/4)
KDR3 Kitchen Dresser (Drawer Detail)
KDR3 Kitchen Dresser (Upper Detail)
KDR3 Bench
KDR3 Family Table (End)
KDR3 Family Table (3/4)
KDR3 Cafe Table (Flat pack)
KDR3 Cafe Table (assembled)

An introduction to KDR

In KDR Martin is exploring a construction that dates back to when we strapped some branches together to build out first shelters. This was also the construction used by Gerrit Rietveld nearly a hundred years ago to create his iconic Red and Blue chair. This construction is still used today in ‘developing’ societies.
Today our lives a less settled, many of us move house regularly. We are urban nomads and thus we need our furniture to be easily transported.
KDR is a fusion of traditional woodworking techniques and computer controlled cutting. The result of which is a contemporary flat pack solution to our present day requirements. Which is easily assembled and disassembled like a 3D puzzle.

KDR3 Kitchen Dresser is a freestanding kitchen unit that can be tailored to your individual requirements. As Martin was a chef this one is a preparation area customised to the way he works and his storage requirements. The upper shelves are for all the bottles, jars, and small flat ware etc.. The deep drawers have a sliding tray for the smaller utensils and knives. The lower section is for the larger flat ware and bowels, trays and chopping boards are stored on edge. It is constructed from native Irish elm, birch ply and Formica.

KDR3 Family Table is an eight-seater table that is big enough for the whole family to eat, work and play. It has an integrated shelf that provides storage for homework and laptops. It is constructed from Australian red gum, birch ply and Formica.

KDR3 Café Table is a four seater table, that has been designed for use in café’s and restaurants. Where you need the tables to be suitable for all sizes of parties from 2 to 8 or more. Here is where you join them up to create larger tables. The tables are stackable, have storage on the shelf, and the construction also provides corner hooks for pocket books, coats, etc. Although it has been designed for the food service industry, it is also ideal for smaller apartments and families. It is constructed from native Irish elm, birch ply and Formica.

KDR3 Bench is a three seater that also has an integrated shelf for storage. It is designed to go with the family table, it fits inside the table legs making it possible to push the table right up to the wall and conversely it is easy to pull the table out for extra seats. It is constructed from native Irish elm and sycamore and birch ply. The KDR chair is still in devopment.

The KDR range can be tailored to any environment and budget, they come in a variety of wood species and surface colours/materials.

Designed and produced by Martin Horgan 2011

Martin Horgan is a chef turned designer whose work focus’s on the dialogue between user and product, having studied design in America, Ireland, England and Sweden he has combined these distinctive cultural aesthetics and values into his own unique style. Martin designs both for production and on a bespoke basis for individuals and industry.