The Andromeda Lighting series is the first product released by North For The Summer, a new design company in Portland, OR. All of the Andromeda lamps come in standard color palettes (Sky, Sunset, Sea Foam, Forest & Midnight), or one can customize their own lamp using 3 or 4 choices from over 90 colors. Patterns will vary from lamp to lamp making each one unique. There are 7 different models including pendant, floor and table top versions. The lamps come with either a baltic birch or walnut frame. North For The Summer can help with color matching to go with any decor.

“The inspiration comes from mid-century modern string art lamps, tensegrity sculptures and textile design. After researching and writing a book about the legendary designer, Buckminster Fuller (Buckminster Fuller: Poet of Geometry), I found a new way to approach product design, sometimes experimenting with shapes and letting the design reveal it’s function along the way.” – Cole Gerst, designer

North For The Summer takes a collaborative approach to production, partnering with local craftsmen, fabricators, furniture makers, engineers and designers to create the best possible product. They embrace modern technology while they still believe in hand-finished details. All of the lamps are made in Portland at their small shop. The laser cut frames are hand oiled and finished before being strung. The stringing process is long and arduous, but this is what sets their lamps apart from all the others. “You can’t get that level of detail from a mass produced piece.” – Cole Gerst, designer


The Andromeda Aero floor lamp in standard sunset color way

The Andromeda Satellite table lamp in standard sea foam color way

The Andromeda Star table lamp in standard sky color way

table, floor and pendant versions available

custom 6 color version with a baltic birch frame

The Andromeda Globe pendant in standard sunset color way

The Andromeda Meteor table lamp is perfect on a desk or nightstand

detail of the Andromeda Aero floor lamp

custom 6 color Andromeda Aero floor lamp