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6-bottle case designed by Karim Rashid
Anestasia rendering
The ultimate bottle service experience

The bottle design is alluring and crystalline, while the vodka is a new sensational experience unlike any other alcoholic product. After searching for the perfect designer to capture the essence of this striking product, the packaging was assigned to the award winner Karim Rashid. The genius behind Method and Bobble products, among countless other popular designs, Karim has over 3000 projects in production as well as hundreds of awards and permanent museum
collections world wide.

AnestasiA Vodka is made in Bend, Oregon, USA — born from Cascade Mountain spring water and locally grown organic corn. It is five times filtered through charcoal and crushed volcanic rock as well as five times distilled. It is naturally gluten-free. The packaging (glass and carton) is made from recycled materials. On average 40% of the glass and
70% of the case is from recycled materials. Anestasia is set to launch summer 2012.