Shop in Busan
Shop in Busan
Story of carousel
Shop in Gangnam
Story of the rabbit in city
Story under the sea
Detail of story under the sea
Installation of window display
Shop in Silla
Story of flamingo

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Collaboration with brand Hermès Korea

This project is to design a window display of Hermes in spring of Korea, at 8 shops. It is started from theme “Metamorphosis” by Hermes. The goal of this project is to reinterpret a pop-up card to a new approach to a story taller with a message of spring. This installation is spun with various animal shapes and background made of PVC sheets. The compressed PVC sheets have light of weight so it is easy to transport from a factory to a shop. And then it is opened by a worker like opening a book. The sheets repeated on a vertical axis tell you a story with 2014 collection of Hermes to be in a forest, the sea or a city. The simple message from icon of spring brings you to a child hood. I applied vivid colors to the each sheets to show dynamical mood of the story. Therefore, you feel more relaxed like you read a children’s story as a kid.

Please watching this in detail and returning your child hood.

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