Photo by Marcus Reuter
Photo by Marcus Reuter

“Animali” is a kiddy seat or an “house protecters” made by limestone coming from the south of Italy and Called “Pietra Leccese”.
The idea comes thinking about big statues of animals near church or in the shares of some cities, that children likes to ride and took pictures!
Since I come from the South of Italy, and I know very well this kind of Limestone, I decide to create this “little animal”, thinking about city parks, public gardens, squares…but also, private gardens, house where these little animals could live!

As I told you, it’s made by limestone and it is shaped by CNC with 5 axes. In the pictures attached you could see the yellow stone, but it is also possible to have the white color and the grey color. All this colors are completely natural!

This kind of stone it’s very porous, “easy” to shape, and that’s why it was used a lot to create decoration for houses and church. (the city of Lecce, baroque city, was build with it). But it is also very strong, with high resistance. So it could stay outside, of course.