Jumping on Dizzying color
Standing on Dizzying Color
Detail view
Standing on Red
Standing of Red and Dizzying Color
Standing and Jumping
Process by CNC
First mock-up in yellow foam
First prototype at the factory inBrussels

Collaboration with Charles Schambourg (http://www.nacarat.be/)

This new collaboration with the Maison Charles Schambourg, a small company in Brussels specialising in woven leather, the students ECAL, Lausanne Cantonal Art School, had the opportunity to create a variety of objects out of this natural material. The company usually works for making a furniture and interior decoration. This workshop is led by Italian designer Luca Nichetto.

At the beginning of the project I watched their speciality to make many leather’s products in big size. When I visit a factory for Charles Schambourg in Bussels, I saw that there are many small pieces of the special leather after a technician makes a panel or furniture. And then, I developed the idea of the design to size a part of the wing up as well as how to be convenient to produce it by the company. Therefore, it has simple production process that a technician just embeds wings with the leather into a wooden body.

The starting point of my project was “tactility” because the advantage of it is to have various textures by organizing the spacing or thickness of the leather. I would like to show not only the beauty of the patterns but also the diverse surfaces. You can play with a variety of tactility in the toy with special woven leather. I used recycled woven leathers for small wings, which were used to make a big furniture or interior as a recycled material. The texture of the toy reference the animal’s skin in the real world because the skin’texture changes on different parts of the animal.

It showed at Design September in Brussels in 2013.

Material_Ash Wood, Woven Leather

Designed at ECAL (Lausanne Cantonal Art School)