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Apartment at Wilda by Mili Mlodzi Ludzie

Located in tenement house build at the beginning of 20th century, the apartment retained many of its original features.

Finely ornamented facets and door crown as well as wooden floors and door frames were in good condition, that’s why we decided to preserve them. Plan of the dwelling though did not meet our clients’ needs. Before the renovation 100 sq meter space, shared between two families, consisted of three rooms, two kitchens and bathroom.

To make it accessible for new tenants we replaced previous arrangement with bedroom, small office, bathroom, separate toilet and pantry. New walls surrounding those rooms were decorated with simple geometric rustications, referring to building elevations in the area.

We relocated the kitchen and by demolishing one of the walls we connected it with dining and living room. Additionally those are merged by white decorative cabinets standing on copper custom made footers. Each module differs with height of both joinery as well as the footers depending on its function – from high kitchen cabinets, through bench next to dining table to TV shelf in living room.

To highlight the contrast between new wall and historical facets we decided to paint all the surfaces dividing child’s bedroom and dressing room in cobalt blue. The hue matched perfectly with decorative door crown, which was tactlessly coloured by previous tenants.










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