Dear Moco Loco,

Hereby I would like to introduce The T-Shirt Issue’s very first reconstructed basics: T-shirts and sweatshirts designed from the core on up, made with our unique in-house software.

Below you’ll find a more detailed project description and accompanying pictures. We’re very excited about our first range and hope it can find a way onto your blog.

Questions and suggestions are always welcome!

Project Description:

A Bottom-up Perspective on Clothing Design

After more than 100 years of uniform T-shirts, we have managed to break the code and have started to construct basic apparel from the core on up.

We have developed a method to integrate polygonal geometries from 3D graphics programs into clothing design. This platform technology does not just allow for bypassing classic clothing construction but opens up a completely new field on top of it.

The Process

This new process comes forth from combining 3D, CAD/CAM and animation techniques and translating them into pattern and clothing design.

The 2D T-Shirt patterns are placed and reconstructed in 3D space. Using basic geometry, an endless amount of unique patterns can be generated that create their own signature in the form of seam lines.

Unlike the seams on common shirts – restricted to the shoulders and sides – our seams run freely over the entire surface of the fabric and can be altered to any position and degree of complexity without losing the fit.

Digitally dissecting and reducing clothing design to its basic building blocks opens a dimension in which clothing can be rebuilt and customized into any shape imaginable. This geometric approach furthermore enables the optimization of the use of fabric to a zero-waste level.

The unusual appearance of the resulting cuts and the endless combination possibilities of the geometric layouts underline the unique character of the new aesthetic that essentially brings the technology behind it forward.

About us

The T-shirt Issue is an interdisciplinary collective that combines fashion, design and technology into unique basic apparel, ranging from daily wearables to conceptual installations.

All products are made in a new digital environment that allows reconstructing every piece of clothing from the core to any degree of complexity. With this new approach a new dimension is established in which 2D, 3D and the space in between is reconsidered and experimented with.