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The objects’ forms are inspired by the greek landscape where pure light both conceals and reveals. It blinds us, casts shadows, but triggers our imagination. It penetrates objects and transforms them.
A sea-urchin’s shell becomes a lamp-shade and its spines are replaced by light; the skeletal structure of an eagle’s wing becomes a table.

Aquila is inspired by the eagle’s wing in flight. Its width is expanded in order to host function. Solid wood is often replaced by lattice surfaces that refer to the bone structure underneath the bird’s feathers and allow light to come through and cast shadows on the floor.
130 x 60 x 50 cm, framework: american walnut, lattice surfaces: maple.

Photomorph shapes light through shadow. The surface of the lampshade is fractured and converted to elaborate frames of apertures and detailed fills. The light source is concealed within, and revealed by these frames; while the light emerges as an intricate pattern of cast shadows upon space.
26.50 x 35 cm, framework: varnished plywood, lattice surfaces: light veneer (maple).